Japan Inspection Organization

JIO-logoJapan Inspection Organization also called JIO is an inspection services organization in Japan. This Organization’s main service is automotive inspection, but also conduct inspection of machinery, helicopter, and aircraft. Its headquarter is in Tokyo, and regional offices across the Japan including Osaka, Nagoya, and Kobe. Its principal services are roadworthiness of vehicles and certification.


Type Approval Certificate, COC, and EPA

Type Approval or Certificate of Conformity is granted to an automobile that meets a minimum set of regulatory, technical and safety requirements. Generally, type approval is required before a car is allowed to be sold in many countries like United Kingdom, India, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, United States, and Singapore etc, so the requirements for a given vehicle will vary around the world depend on each country’s frequently changed requirement. Processes and certifications known as Type Approval in English are generally called Homologation.

The Japan Inspection Organization is the authority in Japan that issue these certificates. The vehicles need a certificate, are required to physically bring to an inspection facility of JIO in Japan, and certificate is issued after full inspection of vehicles regardless of age.

The Type Approval requirements exist for automotive industry. Type approval simply means that the product is certified to meet certain requirements for its type, whatever it is brand new or used one.

Vehicle Type Approval is the confirmation that production samples of a design will meet specified performance standards. Traditionally, the Type Approval regulates the approval of whole vehicles, vehicle systems, and separate components. The certficate has different names in different countries such as, Type Approval Certificate, EPA Certificate, Certificate of Conformity (COC) as well.

Certificate of origin

Model year verification