Japan Company Trust Organization

trust-seal125The Japan Company Trust Organization (JCTO), is a nonprofit anti fraud organization focused on advancing market trust of real Japanese enterprises, and aiming to stop phishing and fraud scams in Japan targeting overseas buyers.

The Japan Company Trust Organization (JCTO) provides free business reliability reviews on million of Japanese business companies to requests from overseas consumers in all over the world, The Japan Company Trust Organization (JCTO) serves as an intermediary between overseas consumers and the Japanese business houses, handling thousand consumer disputes against the Japanese companies. The Japan Company Trust Organization (JCTO) also alerts the overseas buyers of Japanese merchandise to scams, reviews advertising, and assists when donating to charity.

The Japan Company Trust Organization (JCTO) verify real Japanese companies and register only reliable Japanese companies who pass JCTO’s strict scrutiny. The lengthy scrutiny process involve full history of applicant company, tax returns record, police record, and any dispute with foreign clients. In some cases, the company’s registration is refused if the applicant company failed to satisfy the scrutiny board members of JCTO. Those Japanese companies, passed scrutiny of Japan Company Trust Organization (JCTO) are allows to use its logo and dispute resolution services.

Enterprises that are verified by the Japan Company Trust Organization (JCTO) and adhere to its scrutiny standards do so through industry self-regulation. To avoid bias, the JCTO’s policy is to refrain from recommending or endorsing any specific business, product or service. The Japan Company Trust Organization (JCTO) has close contact with Japanese Police Department, and all fraud cases and attempts are referred to Police Headquarter and/or local police stations in each city.


The Japan Company Trust Organization (JCTO) independently governed by their own boards of directors, including ex parliament members. The scrutiny committee is fully authorized to accept and/or refuse registration of any enterprise and committee’s decision cannot be challenge. However, refused enterprise can re-apply for scrutiny after three months.

Dispute resolution procedures

The organization’s dispute resolution procedures are established by the Council of the Japan Company Trust Organization (JCTO). Usually, disputes can be resolved through mediation between JCTO verified company and the overseas buyer when appropriate. The Japan Company Trust Organization (JCTO) also offer introduction of English speaking Japanese lawyers to those foreign customers, who want to settle their dispute with a Japanese company at a law court. The Japan Company Trust Organization (JCTO) acts as a neutral party when providing dispute resolution services.

Complaints Handling

Complaints about the quality of merchandise are usually not handled by the Japan Company Trust Organization (JCTO) as JCTO do not offer any inspection services to exporting products/merchandise from Japan. The Japan Company Trust Organization (JCTO) also does not handle complaints that have gone to court or are in the process of going to court as the complaint is already being handled by an alternative entity.

If Japan Company Trust Organization (JCTO) receives a consumer dispute from overseas against its verified Japanese enterprise, the JCTO contacts the business in question and offers to mediate the dispute. A Japanese firm need to be a member of the JCTO to use its mediation services, but overseas buyer does not need any registration. These mediation services are free to all registered businesses and overseas consumers.