Wikipedia Japan

Japan WikipediaWikipedia Japan is a collaboratively edited, free Internet encyclopedia about Japan. Although it is a free encyclopedia about Japan, but all articles / information are written in English only collaboratively by volunteers in Japan and around the world. Almost all of its articles can be edited by anyone with Login to the site.

The open nature of Wikipedia Japan has led to various concerns about quality of articles, such as the quality of writing, the amount of vandalism and the accuracy of information. Some articles may contain unverified or inconsistent information. All users are welcome and encouraged to edit the accuracy of article.

However, any deliberate incorrect and/or false information for any reason, and external links for business promotion and advertisement purpose will be immediately delete, and the contributor’s IP address will be permanently block and black listed due to violation of rule. However, contributor can appeal for the revision of desicion and exclusion from the black list.

The Wikipedia Japan is the “public encyclopedia” which allowing everyone to contribute, correct and participate in the largest and most popular online encyclopedia about Japan on the web. It is nicely formatted, free of charge and easy to use. Having a “Japan encyclopedia” is something that has been called for for a long time.

Wikipedia Japan is perfectly fine as a source, when used with multiple sources that either confirm, expand upon or correct each other’s flaws in content. The layout is highly intuitive, is easy to use, and the comprehensiveness of many articles goes far beyond any print encyclopedia or book in content, context and currency.

The interactive Periodic Table of the Elements in Wikipedia Japan is a priceless resource that goes on for link after link, providing more information at each depth of inquiry without a pile of books and papers.

The way that large matrices of information, incredible illustration power, links to deeper understandings of individual terms and other types of organization of content are possible makes Wikipedia a place where a person can go as shallow or as deep as they want to in gaining understanding of a whole world of information.

Wikipedia Japan is popular because it’s considered to be an online encyclopedia that contains a variety of information about historical events of Japan, famous Japanese people, geography of Japan, science, the arts and literature. This site is referred to as the “free Japan encyclopedia” for its online content that is available to the general public at no cost.

The Wikipedia Japan can be a resourceful place for writers who want to research a city, town of Japan, or an occupation that will be used in a potential short story. The site is also good for looking up information on celebrities and public figures. Wikipedia Japan is only as reliable as those who contribute information to it. The site is a wonderful source of information about Japan and serves to educate millions of people around the world on a daily basis.

Anyone can contribute to Wikipedia Japan, insecurities with Wikipedia Japan seem to stem from this very characteristic. If you start a business or organization related to Japan, you can navigate to Wikipedia Japan on your computer and create a page for it. Wikipedia Japan can be used to realize ill intent. Users should double check information they get from it if they are writing a paper the night before it is due and the entire class was assigned to write about one topic, and can also be used as a self perpetuating source of information about Japan. Although the amount of information contained in the Wiki is gargantuan, there are Wikipedia staff members who investigate changes to already well established articles and undo them if they are not appropriate or founded.